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  DIMMER Technology This pages inform you about our DIMMER technology as well as about the comformity to relevant standards.  

1. Touch Sensor Control

The touch control of our dimmers is triggered when the touch pad is touched. The µController adjusts the LED control accordingly. The controller measures the touch-timing, a (very) short touch will not trigger the LED control. Thus, a debouncing is realized which eliminates triggering through noise from environment (e.g. ESD pulse, ect.). For example, short noise pulses do not switch on or off the light.


2. Operation from Mains

All our Dimmers are operated directly from mains voltage (230V AC). Our users gain advantage in getting a fully integrated design with all neccessary components in.

By integrating

- the LED driver,
- the LED dimmer,
- the touch sensor control and
- all the mains voltage safety circuits.

we get

- a very compact design
- highest electrical efficiency as well as
- fullfilling all relevant standards.


3. Safety

Our Dimmers have a multilevel safety system.

Inside the module a fuse separates the circuit from mains voltage in case of errors.

All Lumi-Con DIMMERs supervise the LED voltage and current during operation and shut down in case of failure.

If the SC-Dimmers detect a voltage or current deviation at the load (the LEDs) the control parmeters are automatically adjusted to allowed values. Hence the Dimmer stays allways within the allowed driving conditions. This feature avoids fail functions of LED control and eventually overheating of the circuit as well as of the LEDs. Deviations of LED control may be induced through mains voltage variations or changing of LED load.

  4. Life Time

Our Dimmers were rigorously tested during an extensive life test. 9 dimmers each were operated at different temperatures. From the results we can derive the lifetime over temperature.

Our Dimmers therefore reach the impressive life time of more than 50.000 hours under normal ambient conditons. This life time is compatible to state of the art LEDs.

Assuming an operating time of 8h per day and 200 days per year we will see a life time of more than 30 years for our dimmmers. This fact gives our lamps a completely maintenance free operation during the life time.
  5. RoHS Compliancy

Our Dimmers, as well as the other products, are RoHS compliant. That means they do not contain hazardous substances as defined within the actual EC-directive (e. g. no lead within solder material).

RoHS : Restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment: EC-directive 2002/95/EC.


6. EU Directives


The circuits fulfil the relevant EC directives. In our case this is the Low Voltage Directive and the EMC-Directive:

- EC Low Voltage Directive (2006/95/EC, former 73/23/EEC)

- EC EMC Directive (2004/108/EC, former 89/336/EEC)

You can view the actual EMI test reports of our modules as well as the CE conformitiy declarations in the links page.