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  August 2013

World Wide Novelty!

Extremly kompact
LED-Booster for

LED-Booster for Pocket Lamps

Our new product is an extremly small and powerful LED-Booster for e. g. pocket lamps with touch operation.

You can design pocket lamps with powerful 800 Lumens controlled only by touch - no mechanical switch necessarry. Thus, it's not only a sophisticated design issue but also a reliability issue. E. g., water proofed lamps are now much easier to design as no moving parts are necessary any more.

The actual booster is able to drive a LED with up to 7W, a lot of functions may to be integrated controlled by a uController. A Sleep-Mode is available with only 3uA power consumption.

The modul integrates a Buck-Boost-Controller which is able to convert efficiently the voltage up or down. This feature allows a lot of battery sytems to be used.

Lear more about on our Booster-Page as well as in the detailed datasheet.

  June 2013

New very small
Touch Extension Module

Our new Touch Extension Module is now available with much tighter dimensions. It is used to extend the wire length to our touch dimmers.

The module measures 5x25x2 mm and thus easily fits inside tubes of lamps and can therefore direclty positioned where touch pads are located while the dimmer module is positioned elsewhere. The Touch Extension Module can be pulled into the tubes togehter with the cables.

Using this module you can reach maximum sensitivity and wire length as well as best noise immunity.

Lear more about on our accessory page
as well as in the detailed datasheet.

  September 2012

Series Production
of LED Luminaires

Lumi-Con starts series production of the new genration of LED luminaires. The awarded luminaires are now available in many version.

Please find more information on our
LED luminaire pages
as well as in our detailed luminaire data sheets.

For further information you can call us or send us an E-mail.

  August 2012

Lumi-Con Touch-Pad-Extension-Module

Lumi-Con devleoped a new Touch-Pad-Extension-Module for its Dimmers. With this module you can increase wire length to sensor inputs of our dimmers by up to 10m. This module enables therefor furhter applications for our dimmer modules.

The modules are built extremely compact (15 x 15 x 5mm) and have 3 connection cables for attaching the Dimmer and a touch pad. The wire length from touch pad to the sensor input can be increased up to 10m. The modules don't need any furhter supply and can e.g. easily glued to a metalic or conductive touch pad.

Read more on our accessory pages.

  June 2012

Lumi-Con's Master-Slave-Technology for controlling LED Dimmer

Lumi-Con anounces its new DIMMER control technology. The new SC2-Dimmer family incorporates a seriel interface which makes it possibel to trasmit Dimmer Data from one mopdule to onother. Thus, e.g. controlling of serveral Dimmer modules from one touch pad is possible. Syncronizing of several SC2-Dimmer modules is easily possible.

More inforamtion in our product data sheets on our product pages,
app notes or contact us for consulting.

  April 2012


Lumi-Con reaches the BEST OF INDUSTRIEPREIS 2012!

The new table luminaires of Lumi-Con reaches the BEST OF INDUSTRIEPREIS 2012. The price features products with a high economical, technological and ecological advantage.

The new luminaires provide high light output, low power consumption, a modern minimalist design as well as a newest technological integration. All luminaires are equipped with our LED touch dimmers and available with colour temperature control.

More detailed information on our product pages.

See also the

  April 2012

Lumi-Con at the Light+Building

Lumi-Con presented its technology and design at the Light+Building, the worldwide largest fair for architecture and lighting technology in Frankfurt/Main/Germany.

Our worldwide smallest LED-Touch Dimmers appeal to customers, especially the new types SC3 and SC4, our 20W LED-Dimmer for colour changing luminairs or RGB-applications. All Lumi-Con Dimmers operate from mains voltage and have the touch controller integrated.

Beside our Dimmers we presented our very new table luminaires designed early this year. These luminaires impress through their minimalist design and the clear forms. All LED-lighting heads are designed compactly but achieve a high light output.

Especially our brightest top model Star Disc attracted much interest. An only 11mm thick and 110mm wide discoid light head made from anodized aluminium floats above the discoid pedestal - apparently weightless above the table, hold by a 6mm thin stainless steel arm.

Also our new redesigned Facelina with its quadratic pedestal with the nice window and visible electronics appeal to customers. The lamp arm is only 3mm thick and the LEDs are directly integrated into the arm which provides good thermal flow and a high life time for the LEDs. The total thickness of the light head is only 9mm and provides a (small) decorative light flow at the sides.

Customers liked also the cantilevering Candlino because of its flagelliform and slim design and because of its high light output. The luminaire is available in two versions: Candelino-1 with an adapted cylindrical cooler above the cylindrical light head with higher power and Candelino-2 with its candle like lighting unit and slightly lower power.

All luminaires are equipped with our LED-Touch-Dimmers and are dimmable over a wide range. Colour temperature control is available for all luminaires.

Learn more from our product pages.
  February 2012

New LED-Lighting Units and Modules

Lumi-Con introduces its new packaged LP-64 Lighting-Unit family.

Learn more on our (product pages).
  January 2012

New Homepage Design

Lumi-Con releases the new homepage design.
December 2011

Lumi-Con's SC2-DIMMER-
life-tests show an impressive
life time of 50.000h!


The life tests performed with Lumi-Con SC2-DIMMERs show excellent results. The tests performed over a time frame of 5 month (up to now) prove a life time (extrapolated) of about 50.000h.

Two groups of parts have been operated at 113°C and 138°C component temperature (worst case) in a high temperarture ambient environment with a worst case load. The extrapolation to normal ambient environment (75°C component temperature) delivers excellent 50.000h life time.

Because of our SC3- und SC4-Dimmers are built up using same technology we can use these results also for them.

The Lumi-Con DIMMER-Modules therfore have a life time compatible with state of the art LED technology. Together with such LEDs one can design maintenanceless lumiaires with very high life time. For example, a lumiaire used 8 hous per day on 220 days per year reaches a life time of 28 years.

Further informations are available for comercial customers.

November 2011

Tiple LED-Dimmer


Lumi-Con presents its newest LED-Touch-Dimmer family.



enables high light output power and a lot of variability in light adjustment for your luminaire design.

The module can drive up to 48 High Power LEDs, is controllable via touch pads and/or serial interface and is extremely efficient. Again, this module contains all necessary functions:
- a Supply for operating the LEDs from mains voltage (230V),
- a LED Controller and
- the Touch-Controller.
within a reasonable small volume of 92x66x28 mm.

The powerful and efficient LED-Controller includes a current regulation for constant LED current during mains variation and, certainly, during the total life time. An integrated voltage supervisor of the LED forward voltage guarantees safety and switches off the module in case of an failure. The supply fulfils, certainly, the necessary EMI requirements.

With an electrical power of ip to 23W this DIMMER can generate a light power of above 2000 lm. Many versions allow variable lumiarire designs, the serial interface intelligent applications.

Learn more about these modules on our product pages!
October 2011

New extremely compact

LED-Touch-Dimmer Design


Lumi-Con's newest LED-Touch-Dimmer, the

SC3 LED-Touch-Dimmer

allows new compact luminaire designs and wall installations. The proven, compact Lumi-Con Dimmer-technology is also built in here. This ´DIMMER can drive up to 16 high power LEDs, is controlled via the touch pads without switches and extremely efficient and compact. This module contains all necessary functions:
- a Supply for operating the LEDs from mains voltage (230V),
- a LED Controller and
- the Touch-Controller.
within a reasonable small volume of 45x45x30 mm .

The powerful and efficient LED-Controller includes a current regulation for constant LED current during mains variation and, certainly, during the total life time. An integrated voltage supervisor of the LED forward voltage guarantees safety and switches off the module in case of an failure. The supply fulfils, certainly, the necessary EMI requirements.

The extremely compact design of this DIMMER allows small spot or lumiaire designs as well as the mounting into pattress (wall boxes). The Extension-Version allows longer distance to a push button.

Learn more about these modules on our product pages!
Juli 2011

New LED-Lighting-Units


Lumi-Con's new

Plane LED-Lighting-Units

convince of high light output, convenient, smoth and antiglare light as well as of very small dimensions. They come with or without integrated Dimmer module and are capable for direct mains operation.

The white or warm white Lighting-Units are assembled with 64 high quality Medium Power LEDs and radiate light power of up to 1100 lm (equal to a 100W light bulb) with only 22W of electrical power consumption. Similar RGB-Lighting-Units (with red-green-blue LEDs) are able to generate all colours. RGB-Units deliver typically a light output of 450 lm at 13W electrical power. The 2-dimensional plane design generates a very smooth, convenient and antiglare light distrbution. Applications are, for example, lighting of show cases or interior lighting.

The lateral dimensions of the units are 150 x 150mm with a hight of only 3.5mm (board version). The LEDs are assembled in a grid of 18.75mm. Several lighting units can be mounted beside each other without hurting the grid distance of the LEDs.

The lighting-units can be delivered with Lumi-Con's approved Dimmer Modules integrated. In this case the overall hight of the module is only 20mm (board version). It is possible to store light intensity or colour depending on the used Dimmer module. The lighting unit is operated direct from mains voltage (230V). Lumi-Con's Dimmer Modules allow also touch sensor operation as well as controlling by serial interface.

The high quality of the Dimmer modules (Made in Germany) as well as the assembled LEDs guarantees a long life time.

Learn more about the modules on our product pages!

May 2011

3in1 LED-DIMMER for direct mains operation (230V)

A new Lumi-Con Touch-DIMMER especially for RGB-LEDs is available now!


Lumi-Con takes a further step in its Touch DIMMER miniaturization and releases the


Three independent DIMMERs within the size of one!

Lumi-Con's Triple Low Power Touch-DIMMER are able to drive more than 200 LEDs with up to 20mA. Thus they are ideally suited for RGB-colour applications. Using Lumi-Con RGB-LED-Modules and this very compact TD2-DIMMER adjustments of hundreds of colours are possible. Therefore many applications in architecture, furniture, side boards as well as for advertising and illuminations of show cases are easily possible thanks to compact size and the easy instllation.

As all other Lumi-Con Dimmers also this DIMMER is directly driven from amins voltage and needs no additonal power supply or transformer. It includes the innovative Touch-Sensor Technology and combines compact design with easy going operation as well as excellent technical features.

Visit our product pages
for more features and detailed datasheets.

March 2011

Medium Power DIMMER for direct mains operations (230V)

Lumi-Con announces it's new Touch DIMMER!


The new


is Lumi-Con's newest member of it's Touch DIMMER family.

Lumi-Con SC2-Medium-Power DIMMER are able to drive up to 72 LEDs with up to 100mA. Thus they are ideally suited for spread lighting applications as e. g. show cases and table lamps. The Luminous Flux can be up to 1500lm (100W light bulb).

As all other DIMMERs from Lumi-Con this new DIMMER is also connected directly to mains voltage (230V) and incorporates the in-house innovative touch sensor technology. It combines the high energy saving potential of LEDs with extrem volume saving design.

Please visit our product pages
and learn more about our new LED-DIMMERs.

December 2010

World wide smallest LED-DIMMER for direct mains operations (230V)

Lumi-Con presents the new Touch-DIMMER Generation!


As a first step of the new DIMMER-Generation Lumi-Con introduces the new


Lumi-Con SC2-High-Power DIMMER combine the high energy saving potential of LEDs with extrem volume saving design options, high power efficiency, reliability as well as the innovative touch sensor technology which allows innovative lamp designs.

Please visit our product pages
and learn more about our new LED-DIMMERs.

  July 7, 2008

EC-Commission Decides Directive to Limit Stand-By Power Consumption of Office Equipment and Home Appliance

On July 7, 2008 the EC comission and representatitves of the EC countries decided on the limitation of power consumption during stand-by operation of electrical home appliance and business equipment. The industire allready works according the EC directives WEEE and RoHS. The next step is the EuP directive 2005/32/EC which has the goal to design electrical equipment according to high energy efficiency.

Our LED-DIMMERs already fulfil this directive which means that new equipment must not consume more than 1W power during stand-by starting 2010; even the 2nd step is fulfilled in our DIMMERs: only 0.5 W is allowed starting from year 2013.


April 2008

The Lumi-Con
wins the Indstriepreis 2008 award of the German Initiative Mittelstand!