LED Lighting Technologies
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Lumi-Con develops and sells high-quality and innovative LED lighting products.

We are concentrating on the development of our own highly integrated electronic DIMMER modules for LEDs. In addition we offer modern and high efficient LED-Units and LED-Luminaires.


Our DIMMER modules are high reliable and efficient electronic components, which are controlled by touch-sensors. Thus, mechanic switches or potentiometers are avoided which improves reliability. The modules are operated directly from mains voltage (230V/50Hz). The integrated efficient switch mode controller adjusts voltage and current to the needs of LEDs. The design is micro controller based hence adaption to other driving conditions or applications are easily possible.


For operation with Medium and Low Power Dimmers we offer various LED Stripes as well as LED lighting units.

Innovative, modern, high efficient and reliable LED luminaires are completing our product spectrum. The luminaires are desigend with our reliable dimmer modules and LEDs from well known big suppliers and thus providing a lifetime of up to 40000 hours or 30 years.


Furthermore we offer design and production support for our customers.


We are selling to private as well as to business customers.

We can offer special conditions to business customers at higher quantities.

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